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A colourful fox in rabbit’s clothing.

In the wild Foxface Rabbitfish are usually found inhabiting shallow lagoons in the tropical waters of the Western Pacific. It really likes spending most of it’s time in low light areas of the ocean moving in between the coral reefs in search for their food

Foxface Rabbitfish have a very distinctive look The head and frontal body area is comprised of black, brown and white bands with a long snout similar to that of a fox. The rest of its body is a vibrant yellow colour that makes them stand out within the Apagon. They tend to be timid and like to hide in shelters and around reefs to feel safer as they don’t move around in schools.

Although they are very peaceful fish they have a special ability that helps scare off their predators. They contain venom in their anal, dorsal and pectoral fins which they can inject through their spikes. Although they are deadly fish their diet is much more similar to that of a rabbit than a fox as the feed of algae and dead corals.


Fish: Clourful venomous fish

What do they eat?

Algae, plankton and coral


Max 23cm

Water Type

Salt Water

Where are we?

Pacific Ocean

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