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Some of the best sea creatures in the world live right on our doorstep.

When we think about the best sea life and oceans we often forget how great Scottish seas are. Scotland has an astonishing 10% of Europe’s coastline. Framed by myriad sea lochs, firths and islands, the surrounding seas are home to a third of the global population of grey seals; the world’s most northerly population of bottlenose dolphins; 23 other species of the world’s 82 whales and dolphins and 43% of all seabirds breeding in the EU. The reason behind this varied eco system is because Scotland is the mixing ground of warm Gulf Stream currents and cold currents.

Fishing is one of the most important industries for Scotland. relative to the rest of the UK. Scotland has just 8.4% of the UK population but lands at its ports over 60% of the total catch in the UK. Due to the popularity of fully grown Sea Bass and Gilthead Sea Bream in restaurants and supermarkets we grow all our Scottish fish in the aquarium and don’t take any from commercial fisheries. Scotland appreciates the importance of this diverse eco system and has taken measures to protect it.

The Marine (Scotland) Act 2010, together with the UK’s Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009, allow us to protect some of our most precious wildlife. Among other things, these Acts provide Scotland with the powers to create new nature conservation Marine Protected Areas; develop the first marine planning system; and, put in place a new licensing system to help ensure any development in Scotland’s marine environment is sustainable.

Current Water Temp

13°C / 55°F

Water Type

Salt Water

Climate / Biome

Temperate Marine

In This Exhibit

8 species/ 3 tanks

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Our Rockpools are a great way to learn about what you can find on your local beach use one our Aquascopes to look below the surface and get a clear view of what lives in these tanks. We try to recreate the Scottish Rockpool but the best thing to do is find some in the wild. As the tide retreats, little pools of refuge are left behind. These rockpools are home to fascinating and bizarre creatures and getting a closer look at them is a real treat. If we are rockpooling though we can move some rocks around to find more creature but should be careful as this is where these creatures live so should not disrupt them. 

In This Exhibit

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